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About Us

For inspired agilists who embrace personal and professional Growth and want to give back to the community The Agile Changemakers Fellowship is a personal agile journey that helps humans grow professionally and personally reshaping the future of agile coaching and guiding the industry forward. Unlike conferences, doing it alone, formal paid cohorts or those sponsored by a company we are an independent self organized fellowship of like minded people on a shared journey, who create a safe space for open sharing, honest non-biased feedback, and shared learning.

Who We Are

We are a self organized fellowship of agilists on a shared journey of learning and personal growth. We include agilists from all areas of industry and organizations ranging from small start-ups to massive corporations and everywhere in between. We have members on 6 of the 7 continents.

We meet online once a week where we host a peer mentoring session focused on shared learning and honest feedback. We also have an active Slack community where we collaborate on a variety of topics and projects.

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Our History

In 2016 Michael De La Maza PHD CEC noticed a lack of applicants for the new CTC certification from Scrum Alliance. So he ran an experiment, by creating a special interest group with in the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network focused on helping coaches achieve the CTC. The first meetup had 1 member, then 2 and it continued to grow member by member. Over the next 5 years we grew into the largest group of CTCs in the world. 

Today we are a group of agilists exploring many different learning journeys. Including coaching, training, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and many others. One thing has remained the same which is our commitment to our own learning as well as fostering and supporting the journeys of our fellow changemakers.

Meet the Coaches

Our core coaches have committed to attending at least 60% of our sessions and are dedicated to helping others grow and learn.


Michael de la Maza, PhD, CEC

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Founder - Coach Emeritus 

Agile Coach | Amazon Bestselling Author | Angel Investor | Tiny Capital Scout | Certified Enterprise Coach


Emilia Breton-Lake

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Founding Member 

Playful Innovative Agilist and Coach


Alexander (Sasha) Frumkin

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Founding Member 

Passionate Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer, CTC


Ted Wallace

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Agile Coach and Author

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Agile Coach


Sherman Gomberg

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CEO at Scrum Adventures, Inc.


Aanu Gopald

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Business Agility Coach| Keynote Speaker| Trainer| System Coach | Philanthropist

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Agile Coach | Servant Leader

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Mindful Agilist and Coach partnering with humans and organizations in their own journey for growth, success and happiness.

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Sub-chapter Lead of Agile Enterprise Services at Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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Leadership Agile Coach: Coach in my being, A coach by profession with a passion for empowering leadership


Season Hughes

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Remote Agile Coach


Craig Petska, PCC

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Leadership Coach | Agilist | Servant Leader

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Co-Founder / CEO at Connecting Humans Inc

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Enterprise Agile Coach | Agile Polymath | Trainer | Catalyst | Servant Leader


Saif Ahmed

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Agile Coach at Fidelity Investments

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New Member

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New Member

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