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Group therapy


Facilitating a group increases the effectiveness of people to align in a collaborative way, to interpret their context, and mutually identify the most valuable outcomes desired. A facilitator has the skills to create a neutral environment of openness, safety, and innovation in a group setting. 


“Facilitation is the practical neutral craft (an informed blend of techniques and insights) of creating environments of openness, safety and innovation” (Turner, 2012).


“A facilitator is an individual who uses self-awareness, self-management, group awareness, and group process to enable teams to access their collective intelligence in order to achieve their desired outcomes” (Acker, 2020). In other words self-mastery is as important if not more so than the tools and techniques.


Someone using Agile Coaching practices needs a strong foundation in Facilitation as the client often needs someone to create a constructive space in which they can broaden and deepen their thinking to where they need to go.  - Agile Coaching Growth Wheel




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