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Since 2016 

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Join us and get inspired.

Saturdays at 9:30am PT

For inspired agilists who embrace personal and professional growth and want to give back to the community The Agile Changemakers Fellowship is a personal agile journey that helps humans grow professionally and personally reshaping the future of agile coaching and guiding the industry forward.
Unlike conferences, doing it alone, formal paid cohorts or those sponsored by a company we are an independent self organized fellowship of like minded people on a shared journey, who create a safe space for open sharing, honest non-biased feedback, and shared learning.
Self Mastery

Self Mastery

Agile/Lean Practices

Agile/Lean Practices

Serving the team and the business


Coaching, we use our curiosity and neutrality to help our clients explore possiblities


People learning together with a guide

Guided Learning

A trusted advisor sharing options


A leader supporting others in their journey


Transformation is a journey that has many twists and turns and is not always clear


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Agile is a journey of growth, the trees represent ourselves growing together feed by the soil and the lake.

“This group is my center, no matter how chaotic, challenging or wonderful my week has been it always brings me back to my purpose to connect and learn with others who understand the journey of a change agent.”

Emilia Breton-Lake

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